Manufacturing Process

Our Innovative Approach Towards Vaccine Manufacturing

Innovative Biotech has successfully executed its strategy to establish a “fill-and-finish” facility in Nigeria in collaboration with Merck and their recommended suppliers of standard industry equipment for vaccine bottling. With Merck as a trusted partner, Innovative Biotech has effectively overcome any regulatory challenges associated with setting up the manufacturing plant. The careful selection of industry-standard equipment further ensures a low level of engineering risk. In order to ensure access to materials for clinical trials and initial commercialization, Innovative Biotech has engaged approved and regulated contract manufacturers in the US to produce the drug substance for its vaccines. Contracts and agreements with suppliers and partners have already been finalized. These drug substances will then be transported to Innovative Biotech’s manufacturing facility in Nigeria for the bottling process, known as “fill-and-finish,” before being distributed locally across the African continent. As soon as the Nigerian plant is operational, Innovative Biotech will commence manufacturing its own drug substances at the facility, marking a significant milestone in its operations.



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