1. PowerPops


Is an advanced blend of highly researched natural herbal ingredients put together to approach the science of fat burning through multiple pathways such as increased metabolic rate, greater appetite control, enhanced carbohydrate metabolism and decreased fat/carbohydrate absorption.
2.Blood sugar support
- Healthy and normal blood glucose level
- Weight management
- Normal fertility
- Healthy and normal growth
- Healthy sugar levels in teh body
- Cardiovascular health
- Healthy Lipid (Cholesterol)
blood sugar

Deodorex is a patented proprietary extract from the edible champignon mushroom, capable of reducing body odour where they originate by decreasing levels of toxic chemicals in the intestines and blood.
- deodorex reduces body odours
- it inhibits the chemicals that cause bad breaths
- it purifies the blood of ammonia
- it helps maintain normal uric acid levels
- it supports the health of the kidney