In championing a New Era, our diagnostic services have expanded rapidly with a mandate of promoting excellence in diagnostic health care. At IBL, we strongly believe that poor quality of service provision may cause harm and can lead to significant negative outcomes in term of morbidity, anxiety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The primary benefits of our diagnostic services include reduction of mortality from diseases and better overall management and care of our patients.
IBL diagnostic Services unit provides a comprehensive laboratory service to the general public in North central Nigeria and beyond. This service is also available to public and private hospitals and organisations. We provide an improved range and quality of services, drawing on the individual and complementary strengths of our dedicated staff.
IBL’s diagnostic division is staffed by renowned virologists, microbiologists, clinical biochemists, parasitologists, haematologists and multi-skilled experienced scientists.

IBL has particular expertise in investigating disease at the molecular level (molecular typing) but also has a special interest in the investigation of public health problems. IBL provides a comprehensive and competitive service to private and government research organisations. We providing education and consultation to health care organizations, managers, and health professionals on quality improvement strategies and "best practices" in diagnostic health care and also strengthen the public's confidence in the quality of diagnostic health care.