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Welcome to Innovative Biotech Nigeria Limited, the first privately held Nigerian biotechnology company. The company was incorporated in 2005. At Innovative, we are constantly applying the advances made in the biotech industry toward the provision of High Quality Health Services in Nigeria. Over the years, we have successfully promoted innovative strategies for disease eradication.

We are currently operating from Nassarawa State, Abuja and the United States of America.
  Mission Statement
To provide and enhance better health and life expectancy by eradication of diseases in Africa through innovative production of biotech products and services.
Vaccines: Establish vaccine manufacturing plant for production of Vaccines in Nigeria.
Contract Manufacturing: In addition, INNOVATIVE plans to produce clinical grade lots of vaccines for testing in human trials as a first contract vaccine manufacturer based in Africa. INNOVATIVE plans to establish a small-scale manufacturing unit capable of producing liquid or lyophilized (freeze-dried) vaccines at a scale sufficient for clinical trials up to Phase III level.
Diagnostic Devices: In addition to vaccines INNOVATIVE intends to develop, manufacture, and distribute rapid, point of care screening and testing products designed to bring diagnosis both rapidly and directly to the patient or healthcare provider without the need for expensive laboratory equipment.
  Diagnostic Services: This activity intends to fulfill the unmet demand for more complex and sophisticated diagnostics in the Nigerian diagnostics market. We will provide high quality, sophisticated genetic and other complex testing and offer genetic counseling services focused on pre-natal, paternity, forensic medicine and oncology. We will offer several types of testing, the most significant are molecular genetic (DNA) testing, immunohistochemistry testing, flow cytometry testing, biochemical testing, microbiological susceptibility testing etc.